I guess you could say that at Darker Shades of Beauty, dreadlocks is our “thing”. We live and breathe dreads and we LOVE helping our clients achieve the look they’re after. Not only do we create dreads, we offer maintenance services, cleansing treatments and a huge range of products to keep your dreads looking and feeling awesome.


We create dreadlocks by using both crochet and interlocking methods, as well as back combing. It can be a very long process (think hours, not minutes – depending on the length of your hair), but we’re perfectionists, so your new dreads will be worth the wait!


For those with shorter hair who are keen for some extra length, we also offer dread extensions, made with real human hair. These are applied by interlocking and invisible sewing, and are tailored to match your existing hair colour and type.


We recommended having maintenance done on your dreads every 2-3 months, depending on how quickly your hair grows and how well you maintain them at home yourself. When people with dreadlocks let them get messy and dirty, it helps to give dreadlocks a bad reputation. Check out our gallery of dreadlock clients for some before and after shots of dread maintenance. Don’t let your dreads look like a before shot! A trip to Darker Shades of Beauty for some maintenance will get them looking as good as new.

Products & Advice

Not only do we care for your dreadlocks, we help YOU care for them when you go home. From specialist shampoos, conditioners and balms, to shower caps and accessories, we’re a one stop shop for all your dreadlock needs. Speaking of shop, check out the products we have available in our online store, or come and see us at the salon for more information.


Whilst we’re always sad to see a good head of dreadlocks go, we can help to make your life a little bit easier when saying goodbye. Our team can help to remove your dreadlocks by cutting them, or we can provide you with a dread removal product.

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